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Manganese nitrate

Product Name: Manganese nitrate

CAS No.: 10377-66-9

Molecular formula: Mn(NO3)2

Molecular weight: 400.148

Physical and chemical properties: Liquid manganese nitrate (50%) is a light red or rose-colored transparent liquid, with a relative density of 1.54 (20°C), soluble in water and alcohol, heating to precipitate manganese dioxide and release nitrogen oxide gas; manganese nitrate hexahydrate is Pale rose-colored needle-like diamond crystals, melting point 25.8°C, boiling point 129.5°C, density 1.82 (21°C), soluble in water and alcohol, decomposed at 160-200°C to form manganese dioxide, easily deliquescent.

Uses: Used as a raw material for manganese dioxide, as well as metal phosphating agent, ceramic colorant, and catalyst.

Standard number: HG/T 3817-2006 Index value
Analysis Item First grade Qualified product
Mn(NO3)2 content,% 50.0 50.0
Water insoluble matter content,% 0.04 0.05
Chloride (Cl) content,% 0.03 0.05
Sulfate (SO4) content,% 0.01 0.05
Iron (Fe) content,% 0.01 0.02
PH value (1+30 solution, 25℃)   1.9-2.1 1.9-2.1
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